1. Last night we headed on down to ye olde knitting fact’ry…or should we say, The Brooklyn Knitting Factory, to party with Allison Weiss and listen to her new record “Say What You Mean”.

    It was a grand time because:

    a) Allison is awesome.

    b) “Say What You Mean’ is awesome.

    c) Allison brought a COOKIE CAKE!

    The cookie cake was nearly as good as the sweet tunes blasting through the speakers of The Knitting Factory bar, and…dare I say…better than the Knicks winning (some people in our office feel very strongly about sports.)

    While you may not have been able to come party with us, you can pick up Allison Weiss’s "Say What You Mean" on CD, Vinyl, or through telepathy over at the No Sleep Records website.

    Also, thank you Kelly Mason for capturing these Kodak moments. 


    Glamour Kills

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